What’s happening at Candy Machine?

A few days ago, a few of my friends and I were discussing the recent release of a brand new video game called Candy Machine.

It’s a 3D platformer in which you take on the role of Candy and have to collect candy and unlock new levels.

It looks pretty cool, and the gameplay itself has a nice twist.

It all sounds fun, and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular.

But in a recent post on its official blog, Candy Machine’s developers confirmed that the game has been pulled from Steam and its Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC platforms.

They also said the game was pulled because of a “serious issue.”

“The game has recently been pulled by Valve and we are deeply sorry for any disappointment this may have caused,” they wrote.

“We have been working with the community and will be providing additional information as it becomes available.”

Steam has a history of pulling games for alleged game piracy.

In 2016, Valve pulled an ambitious new game, Super Meat Boy, after it was accused of containing copyrighted material.

In 2017, a Steam community member named Lachlan posted a video about his experience with the game on YouTube.

In a video titled “Candy Machine pulled from Valve, due to copyright issues,” Lachlang writes: “I played Super Meat, and I had no problems with it.

I was able to unlock all of the levels.

Then I started playing with the same issue, and a few minutes later I got an error saying that the map was missing a file.

This was the first time I got a error.

I have a hard time believing this is what Valve’s internal systems do.”

He adds, “I had no issues with the map at all, nor did the game run flawlessly.”

It’s unclear how many people have experienced issues with Candy Machine and if Valve has fixed it.

According to the developer, the game will be back on Steam and Xbox One on January 22.

But the game’s creators did say they had received “multiple inquiries” about it, and that they were “not able to provide any additional information.”

A few days ago, a few of my friends and I were discussing the recent release of a brand new…