‘I Am Not Your Wife’: A Life-Changing Story of Sexual Harassment

The story of how Harvey Weinstein allegedly harassed and assaulted dozens of women has been chronicled in an unprecedented new book, I Am Not your Wife.

This week, we caught up with director Laura Dern to talk about the film, what it means for women, and how it could help us understand the men who’ve harassed and sexually assaulted us.

Dern has been speaking out against sexual harassment and abuse for years.

In the film I Am not your Wife, she shares her own experiences with the issue.

“I started speaking out on it about two years ago when I was the head of the Women’s Media Center, and I got so much support from women, but it was so difficult for me to do it, because the system is so biased against women,” she says.

“The women who were doing the most to talk to men about it were the ones who were not in positions of power.”

But after decades of watching her friends and colleagues come forward, Dern says she now understands how she feels.

“You feel like you’re doing something wrong.

You’re not doing anything right, and it’s devastating for a lot of women,” Dern explains.

“We’re a powerful people.

We’re able to do so much with our bodies and our brains.

It’s important that we’re treated with respect and dignity, but there’s also so much more that we can do to change how we treat each other.”

I Am the One to Tell Your Story: A Life in Letters tells the story of an actor named Chris O’Dowd who was fired from his job at a New York City restaurant in 2008 after a woman reported he had harassed her.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen him [in real life] since then,” Dersen says of the story.

“He was so shocked by it that he never went back to work.”

I am the One Who Tells Your Story, the story told by actress Lena Dunham, focuses on O’Gara’s time as an actor, as well as how he learned how to “keep himself from getting into trouble,” and how he tried to keep himself from sharing his story to the public.

“When I was a teenager, I was in a group of boys who played sports and played soccer,” O’GDowd says in the film.

“One of them was my favorite player, and we were going to a hockey game and I was trying to take his shirt off.

And he was like, ‘I don’t want to get in trouble for this, but I’m not doing it.'”

“I got very, very angry and told him, ‘You need to go, because this is wrong.'”

Dern said that in order to make this film, she wanted to “find a way to tell stories that were actually true and that were about real people.”

“The story that I want to tell in the book is not about a woman who’s telling a story,” she explains.

Instead, it is about the stories of the people who have been sexually harassed and abused.

“These are the stories that I have had to tell,” Densen says.

Dermot Mulroney/Getty Images I Am You, the book follows O’Mara through his time at the restaurant and eventually the book’s conclusion.

I Am Your Wife, a memoir by Dern, follows him through his life after his firing from the restaurant, and focuses on his journey to recovery.

“There’s a story about my father who worked at a small hotel and had a hard time keeping his sanity,” Dermott Mulrany says.

The book is written as an autobiographical novel, which means that the book takes place during a specific period of time.

“This is the time in my life when I’m really dealing with the things that I’ve been dealing with all these years, and trying to make sense of it all,” Diesen says in I Am your Wife when describing her time with her father.

“And that is one of the things I’ve learned over the years is that I am not your father.

You are not my mother.

I am somebody else.

I’m someone else’s mother.”

Dern’s parents divorced when she was a baby, so she moved with her mother to New York to live with her grandparents.

“That’s where I got to start to really find my place, and that’s where my story starts to really start to unfold,” she continues.

“Because when I moved, I didn’t have my parents around.

And that was a shock for me, because I was just in my early twenties.

I was like an outcast.”

“When you move, you’re on your own,” she adds.

“So you can have an adventure and go somewhere else, but that’s not always the case.

You have to make it work.

And you can only do it once, so you have to figure out what’s going to be the best

The story of how Harvey Weinstein allegedly harassed and assaulted dozens of women has been chronicled in an unprecedented new…