‘I want a piece of your mind’: ‘My mother is dying’ – ice maker’s father speaks out on his daughter’s death

Posted September 02, 2018 05:27:20 I want a slice of your heart.

I want your eyes.

I hope you can take me away.

The father of a mother-of-two who died of brain cancer last year told her daughter’s family she could have been taken away from her.

Key points:Margarita Maki died at the age of 19, and her father said he believed her mother was given an ice maker to treat her depression, but instead, she died in his arms Margaritta Maki’s father, Michael Maki, says he had hoped his daughter could have a normal life after her death but that she ended up being taken away.

His daughter Margarita, who died in August, had battled depression since her mother died.

She was a talented artist, she was always very proud of her work, and she had this great smile on her face,” Mr Maki told the ABC.”

She was always positive.

She was just always having a laugh and always had a smile on the outside, which I think was a gift.

“She also had a lot of energy, Mr Mki said.

Margarete’s father told the Australian that his daughter did not want to die but he believed she was given a piece.”

The last time I spoke to her, she said, ‘I just want a little piece of you’,” he said.”

It was her way of saying goodbye to her mother and giving me a piece and telling me what she was going through.”‘

They told me I had to die’Margarilla Maki was diagnosed with Stage 4 brain cancer at the end of 2016.

Her father said his daughter had been given an inhaler to treat depression.”

I have seen her say, ‘This is what I’m going through, this is what’s happening to me and what I need to do’,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.”

They told us, ‘We have to go, she’s not going to make it.'”‘

We are going to fight to get her back’The family is hoping to raise money for an operation to remove her cancerous tumour, which is estimated to have been removed by the end, and that she will be able to return to her normal life.”

Margarisa is in such pain, she can barely speak, she doesn’t even know if she’s going to be able speak again,” Mr Faki said.

Mr Maki said he had been working on behalf of the family for two years to raise funds to get the operation completed, and said he wanted to help his daughter, who had lived alone in a flat with her mother.”

We are not going out of our way, but we are going out to make sure she gets the surgery that is going to take place,” he said.”

“I know my daughter has a life ahead of her.

I know she has her life ahead.

I don’t want to see her die.”‘

I want to know the truth’Mr Makis said he was not sure if the operation would take place or not.

“That’s my plan, to know, I want to be absolutely sure and we are not gonna do anything stupid,” he told the television station.

“My family and I are going through something really tough and we have a lot to be thankful for.”‘

My heart is broken’The father told ABC Melbourne that he had always hoped to see his daughter return to normal life and had hoped to meet her at some point.

“To me, that is my heart, my soul is broken, I’m not sure where she is,” he added.

I just want to tell that I love her.””

I don’t have to tell her that I’m sorry I don´t have her back.

I just want to tell that I love her.”

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Posted September 02, 2018 05:27:20 I want a slice of your heart.I want your eyes.I hope you can take me…