When you’re not running, what do you do?

CBS News has learned the U.S. military is developing a machine that will help people sleep better.

It will not be an electronic pacemaker.

It won’t be a wearable, either.

It’s called the bipap and it’s been tested in a few countries.

The Pentagon says the machine will provide a night-time sleep aid that can help people with sleep disorders such as narcolepsy and insomnia.

It was developed by the Air Force, according to a Pentagon press release.

It is designed to be lightweight, portable and able to be used by anyone.

The bipap device will not require any special training.

The military hopes to eventually use the bipa to help people get out of bed and help them stay asleep for longer periods of time, said Navy Capt. Michael Fiske, who oversees the bipact project at the Airman Training Command in Oklahoma City.

The goal is to find ways to provide more sleep to the military’s personnel, Fiskel said.

But the bipas’ development is not without its critics.

In January, the U and European governments approved a plan to develop a bipa that would be able to monitor brain waves and detect heart rate.

This device could be used to monitor heart rate and help doctors detect sleep apnea, according the European Commission.

Critics of bipa say the device is too sensitive to detect sleepiness and is potentially dangerous.

The U.N. health agency has said that the device could cause heart attack or stroke.

It also worries that people who use the device may not be aware of its potential risks.

The bipap project was supported by the U, Defense Department, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Army, the Airforce and other government agencies.

The military will be providing the bipam and the bipab with support and technical assistance, according a Pentagon statement.

CBS News has learned the U.S. military is developing a machine that will help people sleep better.It will not be…