How to repair an appliance that looks like a $200,000 washing machine

How to fix a $300,000 cleaning machine with a $50,000 machine repair budget?

That’s exactly what a California man and his brother did.

According to ABC News, the brothers, who were cleaning their brother’s washing machine after the machine had broken down, decided to spend a little money on a machine repair kit to repair the machine and install a new one.

They decided to replace the old one with the new machine because they wanted to have a better chance of fixing the problem.

The new machine was built by a company called Surgical Solutions.

The company says that they are “dedicated to providing high-quality service to our customers,” and that they will “make every effort to ensure our machines meet our quality standards.”

The brothers say that the new washing machine was “built to last” and they believe it has been “repairing for almost a year.”

The brothers told ABC News that they have been able to fix the washing machine with the help of a “professional.”

But now, the cleaning machine is not working.

The brothers have started an online petition asking for a refund and for the washing machines warranty to be reinstated.

The petition was started on Sunday and now has over 14,000 signatures.

Here’s what you need to know about the Surgical Solution cleaning machine repair:The brothers bought the machine on March 10 and were supposed to be able to pay $350 for the machine repair, but they decided to pay the full $500.

They said that they had paid $300 for the repairs before they purchased the machine.

“We’re happy that the washing equipment is working fine, but there’s no way to return the machine because it’s broken down,” Surgical spokesman Scott Wray told ABC.

The brothers are asking that the machine be repaired with a professional to fix any problems with the machine or to get a refund.

“We just want to get this repaired, and if we can, we’ll be happy to pay it back,” they told ABC in a video interview.

How to fix a $300,000 cleaning machine with a $50,000 machine repair budget?That’s exactly what a California man and his…