Machine used to control machine used to clean house for US military

A machine that helps keep troops clean is being used by the US military in Afghanistan.

It was developed in a secret program that was designed to allow the military to clean houses and clean the environment without having to use explosives, according to a report from the AP.

The AP said the machine was called a “dremel” and it uses a small drill bit that can drill through a steel pipe.

The machine can also be used to make a “sliding door,” where the drill bit is placed in the pipe.

A video released on social media shows a US military officer, dressed in a green uniform, entering a room where soldiers have been using the machine to clean their homes and workplaces.

The soldier then picks up a device that resembles a plastic-looking drill bit and puts it into the pipe that leads from a home to a workplace.

The device is then turned on, and the drill press is used to turn the drill into a drill bit.

The video ends with the soldier saying, “It’s not a drill, it’s a vacuum cleaner!”

The AP’s report said the device is meant to be used for the cleaning of barracks, hospitals and other buildings.

The Pentagon said in a statement that the machine is meant for the “safe cleaning of the battlefield.”

“The equipment can be used in conjunction with other cleaning tools, such as cleaning supplies or water, to eliminate contamination of the environment and prevent further spread of disease,” the statement said.

A machine that helps keep troops clean is being used by the US military in Afghanistan.It was developed in a…