How Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” can become the next cable news network

A few weeks ago, Fox News Channel’s America’s Newsrooms began airing episodes of its flagship program.

But a new study from Nielsen found that it’s unlikely to become the network’s next destination in the near future.

The new study, from Nielsen Media Research, found that America’s newsrooms viewership for the first three weeks of the season is currently below the network average.

It also showed that, while Fox News is a prime-time network, it has fewer hours of prime time than other cable news outlets, including CNN, MSNBC, and CNBC.

America’s has had its own prime-times slot since 2009, when Fox News aired its own daytime show, and the network has had several prime-hours slots during the Obama administration.

America has had fewer prime-nights during the Trump administration, too. 

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Fox News is the cable news channel that hosts Donald Trump and his administration, which includes White House press secretary Sean Spicer, and is a platform for Fox News host Tucker Carlson and other guests to promote their own viewpoints.

The network is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who owns the New York Post, which is owned in part by the family of billionaire conservative media investor George Soros.

According to Nielsen, America’s is the second most-watched cable news program on TV, behind only Fox News.

That’s down from the first week of the year, when the channel was up 21% in total viewership and 18% in the demo.

The next highest-rated program on Fox is the news channel Fox & Friends, which averages 8.2 million viewers per episode.

America also has a sizable audience in the United Kingdom, which has a higher share of households with cable or satellite subscriptions, according to Nielsen.

Nielsen said the study shows that America and Fox News have a “positive” relationship, as viewers tune in to watch the show.

In fact, Fox &amps; Friends is Fox’s most-liked program among viewers in both countries.

However, it also showed viewers are less likely to tune in for the Fox &ams show.

The survey also found that Fox News viewers are more likely to watch Fox &amping; Friends than to watch their competitors.

The average viewership of Fox News in the US is more than 30 million.

A few weeks ago, Fox News Channel’s America’s Newsrooms began airing episodes of its flagship program.But a new study from…